Talbot Rising endorses Michael Pullen for Congress

Michael Pullen is a Progressive Democratic Candidate for Maryland's 1st District (MD01)

March 22, 2018


EASTON, MD – Talbot Rising, a progressive, nonpartisan grassroots organization for the Eastern Shore, has announced that it is endorsing Democratic candidate Michael Pullen for the First Congressional District in Maryland to replace the incumbent, Rep. Andy Harris.

The organization, which has more than 500 members, said that Pullen will provide the kind of representation in Congress for the First District and Eastern Shore that has been missing in action for too long. We can count on the fact that he will champion the interests of the people in this district -- not special interests, donors, or large corporations.

We know that he will help reform a political system that has been skewed in favor of those already at the top, with tax cuts favoring the wealthy, a rollback of regulations that protect consumers and the environment, and laws that make it harder to get reliable health care. 

Talbot Rising supports the positions advanced by Pullen, including moving toward a single-payer health system, improving educational opportunities for young people, and making sure that the minimum wage is raised so that people can actually afford to live on the Eastern Shore.  Pullen also embraces Talbot Rising’s commitment to help the environment and to promote renewable energy and support for companies and good jobs for residents in that industry.

Michael Pullen would also work with the congressional delegation from Maryland to ensure that budget priorities, including Chesapeake Bay restoration, receive the necessary funding. And he will work in Washington on the issues of climate change, which has made rising sea levels an especially important concern in the First District.

For many years, Pullen has been dedicated to public service, as a lawyer, public defender, and most recently as county attorney for Talbot County.  Out of his concern about the political direction of our country, Pullen and his wife Connie founded Talbot Rising.   In 2016 Pullen was a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

You can read more about Talbot Rising at www.talbotrising.org.
You can find out more about Michael Pullen and his campaign at www.Pullenfor.us


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