Pullen for Racial, Social and Economic Justice


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Maryland’s 1st District is the birthplace of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman and home to Gloria Richardson, giants in the struggle for racial equality. But our District also has a legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation that we must honestly confront and work to overcome. We owe this to each other and ourselves. The Promise of America is that we, as a people, are created equal, with liberty and justice for all. It's a Promise that can only be fulfilled together, as a people united in a common purpose to provide justice, equality, and opportunity for all Americans.

Too many Americans live in poverty, particularly children. Institutional racism is a daily reality for communities of color. Voter disenfranchisement, mass incarceration, criminalization of immigrants and economic inequality undermine our values and vision for what America can be.

We need equal opportunities in education, employment, and housing. We need ladders out of poverty. We need to end disenfranchisement for all people and all communities, particularly those facing the most difficult challenges. We must reform our criminal justice system and reverse our failed 40-year history of mass incarceration of Americans.

All Americans should have  a fair chance for a better life. Poverty, racism, and inequality still stand in our way.

We can fulfill the Promise of America. Join us, we’re #PullenForUs.