Pullen for Good Government

Government can only be as good as the people we elect to serve in high office. To insure lasting reform that brings back representative government, Michael supports a robust good government agenda: REDISTRICTING REFORM is necessary to restore a functioning democracy and end the extreme partisanship and dysfunction in Washington, D.C..

Gerrymandering allows incumbent politicians to choose their voters — not the other way around. Michael supports establishment of independent, nonpartisan, redistricting commissions, full transparency of draft maps and public hearings, exclusion of party affiliation, voting history, or the residence of incumbents in drawing maps, and requirements that neighborhoods and communities with common interests be kept together as much as possible. GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Floodgates of money pour into federal elections. Like uncontrolled flooding, that money has a disastrous effect on our democracy. It almost always determines who wins elections. Super PACs and huge industry contributions to incumbents pave the way for armies of lobbyists to work the system to their advantage. The American people can’t compete in this system — even though the very purpose of our government is to serve the American people. Campaign finance reform is an issue for all Americans because it makes democracy itself work for us. Getting money out of politics unites us in a common purpose — to restore our government as it was created by the founders — not a government purchased by wealth, by huge Super-PACs, by large corporations with swarming lobbyists, but instead, a government of, by and for the people. TERM LIMITS. It’s time for citizen-legislators to serve in Washington DC, not career politicians. An entrenched political class has no interest in changing the system — the system has already changed them and they stick with business as usual. Giving new candidates new opportunities to serve keeps those in government service responsible to those they’re supposed to serve — you. 

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