Pullen for Families

Families make up the backbone of America, yet we fail as a nation to support those families who most need our help. It is unacceptable for our great nation to be one of a small handful of countries not to require paid parental leave. It is unfair that low income parents must spend such a high proportion of their income simply to pay for childcare.

It is unconscionable that the current administration sees fit to rollback nutrional standards on the lunches we feed our children. Yet these are problems we can fix, if we send politicians to Washington who make the working class their priority. PARENTAL LEAVE should be an expected right in a society that wants its families to thrive. Along with New Guinea, Suriname, and a couple of island nations, the United States has the distinction of being one of the few countries that do not have national paid parental leave protections. Paid parental leave has been proven to lead to healthier children and stronger families. Providing the right to paid parental leave is an immediate method Congress could undertake to help better the lives of those they represent. This right will be one of my priorities if I am elected to serve the 1st District. CHILD CARE TAX CREDITS are a common sense solution to the problem faced by working families in securing safe and nurturing childcare during working hours. Currently, low-income families can qualify for a tax credit to offset 35% of childcare expenses, but this percentage drops to 20% if you make $43,000 or more. As the typical family spends almost $12,000 per year in center-based childcare, this tax credit leaves too wide of a gulf for too many families. By being more generous towards our hardest working families, we can strengthen our communities and our country. 

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