Pullen For The Environment

Governor Harry Hughes, a great Marylander, said that the Chesapeake Bay defines our central character. The Bay is a national treasure that is important not only for us but for all Americans. In Congress, Michael will work in partnership with our farmers and civic leaders to speed the Bay’s recovery from decades of pollution and protect it from the anti-environmental policies of this administration. 

Global climate change and sea-level rise also threaten the 1st District’s coastal communities and our farmers and watermen. Michael stands squarely for prompt responses to climate change, to slow it and to help our vulnerable coastal communities and our farming and fishing industries adapt. This includes renewable energy projects like Maryland’s offshore wind proposal, which would create almost 9,700 new jobs in Maryland and add over $1.8 billion of in-state spending to our economy. It would add $74 million in state tax revenues over 20 years, eliminate 19,000 tons of carbon emissions every year for 20 years, and generate enough clean energy to power 500,000 homes.  

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