Pullen for Education

Education is more important today than ever before. Yet, for far too many, attending a trade school or a 2 or 4-year college is out of reach. Talented and hard-working folks are being denied the opportunity to better themselves and build a better life for their families because they cannot afford the high cost of education. Investing in higher education builds strong families, a skilled 21st century workforce, a strong military, a strong economy, and helps all of us.

It is an investment in our people and our Country. Attending a trade school or 2 or 4-year college can be affordable – we have already done it. In 1971-72, a student could earn enough to pay tuition and fees at a 4-year public university by working minimum wage for roughly 6 weeks. In 2016-17, a student would have to work almost 28 weeks, roughly 6 1/2 months for the same education. We promote our common interest when we fund higher education. It’s a forward-thinking investment in ourselves and each other. Today’s students become the parents, skilled workers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. Each generation owes it to the next to pay it forward, to provide the same educational opportunities and build a strong, stable, and lasting foundation for opportunity in an ever-changing world. 

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