Michael Pullen for US Congress


Meet Michael Pullen

I’m running for Congress because the people of Maryland’s 1st District deserve a representative who cares and works for them. Donald Trump and Andy Harris do not understand the real problems of the people they supposedly represent, nor how to help. Rep. Harris is completely out of touch while the rest of us struggle with healthcare costs, stagnating wages, and rising seas. Voters in the 1st District deserve a representative who listens to them, fights for them, and makes government work for them. With your help, I can do that for you in Congress.

Why Congress

We have a crisis of leadership in Washington DC. We need a new direction. Our representative must work for us, not large corporations or the top 1%. We need the 9,700 good jobs from the Ocean City off-shore wind-project. We need rural broadband, we need to protect the Chesapeake Bay. We need a representative who puts people over party.

In a democracy power belongs to the people. I’ve represented workers, families, children, small businesses, watermen, farmers, and local government in the 1st District my entire career. Our government belongs to us – I’ll make it work for us.


I was a public defender, a trial lawyer and a partner and co-owner of a law firm. I ran my own firm, employing five. I know how to make payroll and understand the cost of providing employee benefits. I know how to succeed in a highly competitive, demanding and fast-paced environment. Throughout, the interests of folks I represented always came first. That has been my guiding principle.

As County Attorney I developed a local ordinance to protect the Chesapeake Bay that was used as a model by the General Assembly to protect the Chesapeake Bay throughout the State, and it continues to protect the Bay to this day. When our local hospital announced plans to move from Easton, a move that would have devastated Talbot’s economy and health care system, I successfully negotiated terms for a new 200-acre Mid-Shore Regional Medical Center in Easton, a win-win-win-win for Talbot County, the Town of Easton, the hospital, and the people of the Mid-Shore. I know how to make government work for the people because I’ve done it. That’s is what I want to do for you in Congress.


My high school football coach drilled us to work hard and play by the rules. I took that to heart, worked and played hard and was selected to the All-State football team. I worked my way through Boston College (1969-1973), graduating with honors and a degree in history. I graduated and Suffolk Law School (1974-1977), with honors, and moved to Easton in May 1977, where I took and passed the Maryland bar exam and became a public defender and trial lawyer. I wanted to be in the arena, to speak for those unable to speak for themselves.


I want to represent you, not large corporations or the top 1%. I’ll work for the 9,700 good jobs from the Ocean City wind power project, for a healthy Bay, to fund rural broadband. I’ll represent and protect your interests, not special interests. The American people have the power in our democracy. We can take our government back from the large corporations, the Super-Pacs and the top 1%. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Our government belongs to us. Let’s make it work for us.


I served as the Talbot County Attorney for 24 years and worked with 7 different County Councils, both Democrats and Republicans, making government serve the people. In 2015, like many others, I became concerned about our Country’s presidential election. I got involved, ran for delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was selected by the campaign and the voters of Maryland’s 1st District. After the 2016 election my concerns grew. I started a grassroots organization, Talbot Rising, to work for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice on the Eastern Shore. In May 2017, I left my position as County Attorney to run for Congress. I’m running because of the ongoing, deepening moral and political crisis in Washington DC. I care about what’s happening to workers, families, children, seniors, and those struggling with rising costs of healthcare. I want to use my background, skills, and values to serve all the people of our District and to make our government work for us.


I was born in Holden, West Virginia, where my dad worked in the mines. Seven years later, dad was in Manhattan, working for an international mining company and we moved to Connecticut. My folks had 7 kids, mom stayed home and gave us a solid middle-class upbringing with hand-me-downs, bunk-beds, large home-cooked family dinners, chores, church every Sunday, homework, school activities, sports, and part-time jobs. My folks were happily married for 79 years. I married the love of my life, Connie, in 1975. We live in the same home we bought 40 years ago in Easton, where we raised three wonderful kids, now all through through college and on their own. We’ve been blessed with four grandchildren. Number five is due in January 2018. Connie is a social worker. She was the Executive Director of For All Seasons, a 5-county agency serving victims of sexual abuse, assault, and domestic violence. She’s served as President of the Maryland Coalition against Sexual Assault (MCASA), and as Program Director for Mid-Shore Programs for Eastern Shore Psychological Services. She’s served on the Board of the Maryland Mental Health Association and as legislative liaison to the General Assembly. She has received numerous gubernatorial citations and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the 5-county Mid-Shore Local Management Board.


Hard work, integrity, taking responsibility, caring for others and making government work for people, these are my values. Everyone deserves a fair chance for a better life. Workers deserve dignity, respect, a living wage, and equal pay for equal work. Our diversity makes us stronger as a nation, both morally and economically, and enriches us with shared values. I will continue to fight for those who struggle to make ends meet, for good jobs, for healthcare for all Americans, for our environment, for the sick and the elderly. When we stand together and fight for what’s right – we win. Those are my values. That’s what I’ll do for the people of Maryland’s 1st District in Congress.